To parents: What kind of future do you want to provide to your children?
To students: What ability do you need to face the future in this golden age?

“Stuffing the duck” teaching is not the only way to develop knowledge and skill, it should be transform all knowledge from abstract thinking into practical and verifiable technique by logical way with rationality and sensibility.

The courses of Taipei Computational Thinking School are based on “three languages”: Chinese, English, and program language. We wish children a future which allowing them to challenge their limits and earn different abilities!

The courses in the morning are Chinese and English. The course in the afternoon is program language. Chunk learning will be used in courses.

Chinese courses are taught in Chinese, including literature, mathematics, physical and chemical.
English courses are taught in English, including international languages and culture.
Program language courses are based on computational thinking, implement STEAM education and see shared learning as method.

The course integrates reading literacy, literary appreciation, mathematics, science, forward-looking technology and global perspective into computational thinking, develops children’s key ability to understanding the world and face the trend of future by critical thinking, let the experimental education make the future dreams of children come true.

Companionship is the most precious gift to children. Our educational model will not only enable children to learn and evolve with partners and mentors, but also will not losing independence and confidence development.